Gartner's Top 10 IT Cost Optimization Ideas

May 16, 2016

Managed Services, Outsourced IT

By Aimee



We all know that the Canadian dollar isn't at its best right now, affecting costs of businesses just as much as the next consumer. Much of the costs affected are operational and come from the technological equipment needed for which most of it are based in US dollars. This translates to high operational costs for business consumers whose budgets do not necessarily increase to accommodate this change.

Fortunately, there are work arounds. By optimizing your IT cost, you can stay within your budget, and successfully manage operating costs for your IT department.

The Gartner Recommendation

Gartner has advised hundreds of organizations on IT cost optimization during the past several years and they now have highlighted the Top 10 optimization ideas they frequently recommend to CIOs and IT leaders.

  1. Create a shard-service organization for some or all IT services

  2. Centralize, consolidate, modernize, integratre, and standardize technologies

  3. Leverage cloud services

  4. Increase financial transparency to better manage both supply and demand

  5. Utilize zero-based budgeting on the right cost categories

  6. Rationalize and standardize applications

  7. Optimize software licensing management and ITAM capabilities

  8. Improve procurement and sourcing capabilities

  9. Invest in Mode 2 capabilities such as Agile and DevOps

  10. Re-examine how end-user computing is delivered



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Tags: Managed Services, Outsourced IT

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